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Our achievements:

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Move to zero

3D Animation, Motion Design, Art Direction

The animation that we have imagined tells the manufacturing process of this low carbon impact shoe. Assumed visible seams, sole made of recycled plastic particles, discover the history of the materials that make up the Nike Crater.


Motivational walks

Motion design, Art direction, Lottie animations

WEWARD is an application that motivates  to walk every day. We accompanied the brand on the creation of animations featuring their mascot.

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Victory is needed

Graphic design, Art direction, Advertising campaign

To promote its biggest competition, the Prix d'Amérique Races ZEturf and its grand finale, LeTrot called on our expertise to imagine and design its communication campaign. Our creative concept is inspired by motor racing. The iconography is intended to be eventful, exhilarating and impactful.


3D/VR Fashion show

3D Animation, Virtual Reality, Art Direction

We have developed an innovative solution to create videos of clothes worn in action - walking, running, or any other desired movement - simply by starting from the raw patterns. We created a virtual 3D fashion show by modeling and animating the clothes on virtual mannequins.

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Kipsta women

Play more

Photography, Motion design, Art direction, Video

With a bold artistic direction, mixing burst shots and motion design, we accompanied Kipsta Women in the realization of its Play More F900 campaign.


Agreements builders

Brand platform, Visual identity, Website

ARCANTE GROUPE entrusted us with the design of their brand platform and the visual identity of both the group and its daughter brands. From thinking about the brand strategy, to designing the artistic directions for the group's visual identity, to creating a global website, this project enabled us to ensure overall omnichannel consistency.  

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Fight your limits

Iconographic charter, photo-video shooting, social media campaign

After having accompanied Outshock in the construction of its iconographic charter, we captured moments of practice in total immersion in order to sublimate their collection through a photo and video shoot.


Things that matter

Production executive, short film

We accompanied Jules Charbonnier in the production of his short film, LES CHOSES QUI COMPTENT.   Our mission: to bring together all the technical and human resources then translate the scenario, the script and all the director's intentions into images.

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Cyril Sicard

Very good agency, professional and efficient, on time. Renderings of very good quality and good atmosphere.


Guy-William Pivot

Lively team, full of ideas and energy, which delivers at the right level, even with a significant planning constraint! 

Copie de Pauline Hillebrant_edited_edite

Pauline Hillebrant

In addition to being friendly, the BANANA team was able to demonstrate their skills and the relevance of their ideas. I am delighted with our collaboration, and can only tell you one thing: go for it.

ARCANTE - THIERRY - SD - N&B - 13 février 2023 - 9 - BAN00368.jpg

Thierry Delacroix

Effective and pragmatic partnership with Banana who quickly and deeply understood our values and our positioning on the market. The brand identity they created supports our values, our market positioning and is a key part of our go-to-market strategy. Thank you to the Banana team for their kindness, their creative spirit and their reactivity.

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