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Artistic direction

3D Animation



Project awarded at the "Com' en Or Trophy 2022"

"Customer Experience" category

3d fashion show & vr

We have developed an innovative solution to create videos of worn clothes in action : walking, running, or any other wished mouvement. Everything starts with the row templates to create a virtual fashion show. Then, clothes are modeled and animated in 3D on virtual models.

The fashion show can be viewed in two different formats :

- 4K Video

- VR Animation

This solution enables you to get a couple of advantages in different fields of activity such as conception, sales and communication

Capture d’écran 2022-03-16 à 14.13_edited.jpg


The modelisation accelerates the clothes creation process. Indeed, thanks to the 3D fashion show, one can anticipate the movements of the different cuts and materials while standing still, walking or even running for example. 

In this way, one can test the collection even before receiving the first prototypes. Designers and product managers will save precious time.


About sales, our solution helps to minimize risks and ease the decision taking process thanks to a better visualization of the products.

Nowadays buyers order several millions of products at a time only with the row templates in 1D. It can lead to unpleasant surprises that can be avoided with our 3D or VR contents.



Finally, about communication, a 3D animated fashion show is deeply avant-gardist. 

It is the perfect medium to promote clothes because the images are only focused on them. Without the models, anyone can imagine themselves wearing the clothes no matter their body type or their origin. 3D images offer infinite possibilities : one can zoom on details, watch how the fabric moves during an action, change the colors of the product depending on the collections… There is therefore no need to organise a photoshoot given that all the contents are completely reusable. Moreover, this type of project can be very quickly developed (about 10 or 15 days).



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